About Us


A dynamic partnership formed in 2006 specifically to help people succeed in their professional and personal lives. We aim to help middle managers through to chief executives rise to life’s challenges and reach the potential they deserve. We offer this through coaching, facilitation and consultancy.


In the fast pace modern world, the individual’s needs are constantly changing and we tailor our coaching programmes accordingly. By applying our skill and expertise to your individual circumstances, we work hard to understand your agenda and design our contribution to suit you. We don’t have a fixed approach.

Your executive coach acts as a sounding board; challenges your thinking; stimulates your creativity; provides tools and techniques for you to deal with situations; gives you encouragement; and builds confidence. Coaching can be delivered to individuals or teams to help improve their processes and interactions as they tackle issues central to the organisation.

Most coaching is conducted face-to-face, supplemented by phone calls and emails as required. There is no limit to the frequency or length of meetings. We agree coaching objectives with our clients at an early stage in each assignment.

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