Code Of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct helps us establish and maintain standards as well as inform our clients what to expect and what we expect. The client’s interest is paramount, but if a conflict of interest and responsibilities arises, we will use our considered judgment to inform the client. Therefore, our Code of Conduct is a framework within which to work rather than a set of instructions.


  1. We enter into an equal relationship with our client that is used for your benefit.
  2. We take account of your developmental level, abilities and needs.
  3. You know what is best for you and can decide for yourself what you do or do not want, both in your private and professional life; you are therefore responsible for the choices you make and accountable for your actions.
  4. During sessions, the goals, resources and choices are yours and have priority over those of the coach/practitioner.
  5. We will cooperate in the handling of a complaint if one is brought against a member of the partnership, and ensure that reasonable arrangements have been made for professional liability.

Management of the work

  1. The number and duration of sessions and fees are made clear at the beginning of the contract. We will also explore your own expectations of what is involved.


  1. All information concerning our clients – received directly, indirectly or from any other source – is regarded as confidential. Clients are protected against the use of personal information and against its publication unless this is authorised by the client or required by law.
  2. Treating information ‘in confidence’ means not revealing it to any other person or through any public medium, except to those to whom we owe accountability for work, or on whom we rely for support and supervision.

Advertising/Public Statements

  1. We will obtain your agreement before using you name or the name of your organisation or other information that might identify you.