Graphic Tools

What we offer:

  1. Tools for coaching
  2. Tools for finding group understanding
  3. Tools for exploring a problem
  4. Tools for innovation creating solutions
  5. Tools for recording shared learning

In most situations words are the default setting for communication and thinking, but we can often feel overwhelmed by words that seem to contain no meaning or add to our confusion. Many studies quote that we only remember between 25% and 50% of what we hear; disappointing when so much time has been spent preparing a speech and disconcerting when trying to communicate important points or processes! The statistics on how much we learn when reading, seeing, listening, doing etc are hugely contested however, research into how we learn over the last 2 decades has consistently recognised that adding appropriate “visuals to verbals” or words to pictures can result in significant gains in learning and retention.

Working with adults over many years, as coaches, facilitators and trainers we have firsthand experience of when words alone don’t work. We have recognised the need for tools and techniques that help us; summarise detailed information, unpick & clarify issues, enhance meaning, increase understanding, develop, organise & communicate ideas, reveal connections & patterns and develop a common understanding of problems, solutions and achievements. The result is our “Graphic Tools” that help you think, recall, develop, record and imagine. When we combine pictures and words, one helps us make sense of the other, our Graphic Tools make words and pictures equal partners in communication. It doesn’t matter what you call it – visual scribe / visual practitioner / graphic facilitator / graphic recorder / visual coach – the end result is something memorable that helps you make sense of the situation.

The very process of making ideas visible using both words and images means we are making our thinking visible. Once ideas and problems exist outside our brains, we can explore them in greater depth and thereby increase understanding. Whether it is our pre prepared coaching and facilitation tools or the more dynamic live recording of an event or meeting, our Graphic Tools will help you process and analyse information in a way that enables you to boost your capacity to see the “big picture”, make connections and use information. Participants feel engaged and part of the solution as they can see how they have thought through the decisions and possible outcomes. The process is memorable and fun, the results are excellent review tools, (it is far easier to recall a symbol than a string of words) and because it caters for different learning styles, more people stay focused, follow the discussion and notice their ideas being captured concisely. How valuable would that be to you and your team – to recall, unlock, give meaning and structure as well as develop ideas, concepts and solutions?

You can download some free graphic tools from our downloads page