Client Testimonials

Coaching was a new experience for me and I was stunned by the success. A perfect manner allowed me to wander through areas of my life that were causing me health problems and general low self-esteem. Thanks to the gentle guidance and strong base knowledge I was motivated to make small changes and feel better already!

I have been amazed at how helpful it has been to talk to someone about the different issues that I face – just a few questions really helped me see the problems and how I could solve them

This was my first encounter with coaching and I have found it a very uplifting experience which I have thoroughly enjoyed. She made me feel welcome and respected

I felt in need of motivation – and I have been motivated! I have been amazed at how much I have achieved during a few weeks

Her calm relaxed manner made it possible for me to untangle my thoughts and reaffirm what is important to me. Throughout the whole experience I felt valued

Very easy to talk to and she lets you set the boundaries, not asking for more information than she needs or dismissing anything you say. Just having someone else who knows you have a goal and to report back to is a great incentive to get things done!

Draws on considerable management experience in giving guidance

I was encouraged to challenge my views and develop fresh approaches to issues

She encouraged me to apply the lessons I had learnt to increase my opportunities for advancement

The positive attitude helped me not only during the sessions but afterwards too when I reflected what we had discussed

I find goal setting really hard but she helped me keep focussed on what was realistic and achievable

I was not only encouraged to work towards my goals but at the start of each session we reviewed progress, problems and barriers and achievements. This proved a great incentive to do something between sessions and move forward

She was very focused, articulate and well organised. She was receptive and listened well to our briefing on our situation and needs, adapting what she could offer in response to our input. She provided a good balance of support and challenge for each of us individually, and for the team as a whole, and she was always business-like while at the same time being sensitive to the difficulties that some individuals were having

Confidentiality and trust were key issues in the work she did with us, as she was providing individual coaching to different members of a diverse team where there were sometimes misunderstandings and conflicts. It was important to me to have feedback from her about how I could support my team members more effectively, but without breaking any confidences in relation to her discussions with them. She managed this difficult dynamic in a thoroughly professional manner