For most of us, if you don’t get the results you want, you probably have reasons,
good reasons or excuses, for not getting what you want. So let’s get rid of all
those reasons, really good reasons and excuses. They are disempowering,
distracting and limiting your success before you even begin. And when you don’t
get what you want you pat yourself on the back for being right!

So it’s time for a belief change – and believe you can achieve. It’s never the
event, the person, or the situation that is the problem – it’s you. As soon as
those limiting beliefs are replayed you don’t want to disappoint yourself by
succeeding. So let’s get rid of that limiting belief – now!

Responsibility for that change lies totally and utterly with you! You have all the
determination you need and now it’s time to use it. Change the language you
are using and focus on the positive as this will change how you feel and how you
are perceived. So many people are great at telling us what they don’t want,
what they want to stop doing, how they don’t want to feel or what they don’t
want to do – we always ask “so what do you want instead, what do you want to
do instead, how do you want to feel/be instead?” When you identify where it is
you are going it’s a lot easier to get there so start thinking about what you want.
It’s time to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Time to get
started, remind yourself 10 times a day what you want and how good it feels
when you achieve. Until Roger Bannister believed he could break the 4 minute
mile, he didn’t. Once he believed, he achieved his goals and was soon followed
by others because they too believed they could. And therefore they did!

Time to believe you can, want it enough, and to just do it!