Isn’t it time to set yourself some really meaningful goals the achievement of which will
be life changing! They may be related to work, health and fitness, relationships, activity
levels, dealing with “stuff” you have been putting off but whatever you choose the time
is right, now, to get them down on paper and put an action plan together to move
forward. Just think how good that will feel, especially when you complete the action
and see how much you have achieved! You can just hear those positive comments from
people around you who notice and may be you’ll silence that voice in your head which
constantly reminds you what you need to get on with. Come on let’s give it something
different to say like well done, you’re doing well!

So what is it you want to achieve and when do you want it by?

Make the goal as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound)
as possible and ask yourself what will you see, feel and hear when you have achieved it,
really concentrate of how things will be when you have achieved it.

  1. What have you done so far to move towards this goal?
  2. What constraints and barriers might get in your way?
  3. What can you do to overcome them?
  4. How determined are you to achieve these meaningful goals?
  5. So what will you do?
  6. When will you start?
  7. When will you achieve it and how will you know?

And remember keep checking your actions along the way, ask, “Is this moving me
towards my goal or away from my goal?”

Start now and remember how good it will be when you have achieved it! Here’s to your